The first portable connected round counter and timer in the world!

Presented at the CES 2022 event in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Our innovation was chosen by Business France to represent The French Tech!

Connected to our mobile app by Bluetooth for Android and iOS devices!

Pre-program your workouts, follow your progress and share with your friends!

Designed to endure whatever you put it through during your workout!

Whether it be inside or outside, we designed and tested it to be resilient so that you do not have to worry about breaking it while working hard! It is created with a non-slip rubber shock proof material and a scratch resistant screen. It is also water and sweat proof!

Portable and magnetic!

To be able to bring it with you anywhere you need it!

USB-C Chargeable!

Never worry about battery life while working out ever again! Our device stays charged for hours at a time!

Personalizable and user friendly!

Specify the time allocated to your workout and your rest time, the number of rounds to reach in your WOD and the increment of your counter! It can be used by athletes of every level and people of every age group, even kids!

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