You can use your current timer with basic timer settings, count your laps without being sure you're not making a mistake, lose time during your workout to write down your lap times on a board or paper, be distracted by notifications on your phone, etc...

Or you can use the ALSTUP device! Create your WOD on our app, use the device to time and count your rounds without having to worry about your number of laps, see where you and your training partners are at any time, then find your performance on your app... and lastly you can finally use your phone to film yourself!

Focus 100% on your workout without thinking about anything else!
By using the object alone, it is possible to set an up or down timer, an up by round or down by round timer and a timer with intervals of exercise time and rest time.

By using the object with the application, you can create all the most complex timers to meet your needs on all your types of workouts.
Yes, this is another unique thing about the ALSTUP device!

You can for example program an EMOM, then a rest time, then an AMRAP, then a rest time and then a finisher in FOR TIME. All this without wasting time setting your timer!

Imagine also being able to trigger your rest time at the end of a FOR TIME WOD by simply clicking on the device...before it tells you to start your second FOR TIME! You no longer need to count your rest time!

Think about OPEN 21.3 & 21.4 !
Yes! There is an internal memory in the device that records your performance. It is not necessary for the device to be connected to your mobile app during your workout.
Yes, it beeps exactly like the timer in your gym; the last 3 seconds before the start of the timer, at the end of the chosen timer, to mark the laps of an EMOM, to mark the start or end of your rest time...etc.

The volume is also adjustable! It was created so that the loudest sound can be heard in a noisy environment and very low sound for when you workout at home. There is even the possibility to cut the sound in order to not disturb anyone!
Yes the mobile app is free for all users.
Not necessarily. You can use both the timer and counter functions on their own

Without the app, classic timer settings will be possible: timer up or down with or without cap time (for AMRAP and FOR TIME), EMOM, Tabata...
Yes the application will be available on both platforms simultaneously.
Yes, we wanted to create a device that will be able to receive all our future updates throughout its lifetime.

We want to be able to bring new features and updates according to your wants and needs!
The device is designed to be water resistant (water drops and sweat proof). It is not resistant to immersion in water.
Yes the device can be magnetized on any magnetic surface. Convenient to put it on the cage during a WOD!
Yes, like classic timers there is a countdown before starting the timer.

BUT you can set-up this countdown! Just choose the time you want!
Of course it can! It is created to be used everywhere you need it! Whether it is in a crossfit box, at home, outside, alone or with your friends, during your fitness or street workout...

Its size and resistance allow you to carry it with you everywhere you go!
Yes, you can adapt the ALSTUP device to whatever sport you practice: weightlifting, fitness, running...
It is technically feasible and we are working on it. For the moment it is not planned at the time of delivery.
The device is designed to be used during a full week of training with a session of one hour per day or between 7h and 8h of autonomy.
Of course you can! You can use the ALSTUP device simply to count your rounds without setting a timer.

And vice versa you don't have to count rounds to use your timer.
The protective case can be ordered in addition to the device.
The charging port is a USB-C type port. A USB-C charging cable is included but no AC adapter.