ALSTUP - About us

Who is ALSTUP?

ALSTUP, a.k.a Always Stand Up, was created by a group of crossfitters for crossfitters. We are a completely self-funded start-up based in Paris, France.

It all started in the box! We all came face to face with the issue that there was nothing that existed to help us count our rounds and repetitions! We were all fed up of losing count… of counting with chalk lines, poker chips, magnets, bottle caps, pen and paper or just guessing our results at the end of a wod! We were in a constant battle with ourselves, with our friends and with our coaches about which round or repetition we were on.

We searched for solutions but there was nothing at all that even existed on the market that could help us resolve our problem. This is when we decided to find a way of fixing this problem by creating this device!

What started off as a crazy idea after a workout with our friends led us to quitting our jobs and creating this device! Then after two years of research, conceptualizing and prototyping… ALSTUP was born!

We are extremely proud to announce today that we have created the first portable and connected round counter and timer to ever exist on the market... ANDY!

Today, Andy is portable, magnetic, durable, user friendly, chargeable and adaptable/upgradable for future critiques and users opinions. It can also be connected to our app to allow athletes to save their progress and pre-organize their workouts ahead of time. This device is so much more than a simple timer, this is ANDY!

What is ALSTUP’s goal?

After the launch of our device on Kickstarter, we will continue to innovate and focus our efforts on athletic performance and sports technologies.
ALSTUP as a brand was created to be inclusive. No matter what your level of athleticism is ALSTUP will be there to help. The sports community is like a family and we cheer on everybody! We want to be able to grow as a brand and create new innovations that will actually help athletes and be useful to the

ALWAYS STAND UP (ALSTUP) for yourself, for others, for your teammates, for your family, for the underdogs, for the beginners and for the pros.

Our slogan is TRAIN, FAIL, GET UP, STAND UP!

We believe if you work hard and never give up, you can achieve anything!

When you TRAIN,
No matter how many times you FAIL,
The only important thing is to GET UP,
And always STAND UP!


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